2006 Toyota Tacoma

Another impressive redesign by Toyota this year was the new 2006 Toyota Tacoma. This truck has morphed from a small to a mid-size pickup truck. You are familiar with the Tacoma’s of the past. They are as reliable as the day is long, but how will the new truck compare? I went shopping, and to […]

The Best Tyres for Your Jeep

Jeep is known to be the king of four wheel drive vehicles. It has the capabilities of driving over the steepest rocks as well as battling the muddy and wet grounds without difficulty. This is all possible with the right tyres. Off road tyres have specific features that make them the ultimate climbing tools. The […]

Mudding 4×4 Is A Growing Sport

Mud boggin, mud bogging or mudding. Whichever you call it, it’s taking off big. All you need are truck lovers and plenty of mud to drive them in. The two combined have produced a new sport that’s growing in popularity. Anyone who grew up in a rural area has probably had first-hand experience of going […]

The Benefit Of Owning A 4×4

We stay in a wonderful country! A country with beautiful landscapes, intriguing sites to visit combined with a rainbow of heritage to explore. There is nothing quite as delightful as a weekend away with close friends and loved ones checking out the elegance that this country has to present! The ultimate way to do this […]